June 2, 2015

Sounds of change

Bill McDonald has sent a Youtube film of his new protest song, One Big Corporation, on the wealth gap and bankers. He writes, "I used to mock the outrageous conspiracy theories, but it's clear by now that there really is something behind the talk of a New World Order, and the results have been disastrous for humanity. So here's my song and video about it with some vocal and rap help from fellow musician Dave Hill."

Having written about the disappearance of music as a major part of movements and protests, it occurs to us that we should post such songs from past and present, If you have a song you like particularly send it along.

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g.singlaub said...

see the civilian conservation corps - of acme records
listen to -
a reworking of the smother's brothers song 'the peace song' -
a mash up of 'just my imagination>99 revolutions tonight' -
'you own gaza' -
sleep on. dream on -
'freda people now' -
a Rahm Emmanuel's Chicago version of 'my kinda town' -
'all is for all'
a drone king reworking of the beatle's 'cry baby cry'
and a version of sonny & cher's
the beat goes on
because...the beat keeps a-going

also of the acme arts collective -
news analysis at the demise
cartoons -
verbatim & v2
and cannabis activism at mLaw

:& thank you Sam Smith and the Progressive Review for constant information and inspiration since we found you over 10 years ago -