December 13, 2014

Torture update

Why you don't want to listen to Michel Hayden

Mother Jones -  The CIA used previously unreported tactics, including "rectal feeding" of detainees (p. 100, footnote 584): rectal feeding
  • CIA officers threatened the children of detainees
  • Over 20 percent of CIA detainees were "wrongfully held." One was an "intellectually challenged" man who was held so the CIA could get leverage over his family wrongfully held detainees
  • One detainee, Abu Hudhaifa, was subjected to "ice water baths" and "66 hours of standing sleep deprivation" before being released because the CIA realized it probably had the wrong man
  • The CIA, contrary to what it told Congress, began torturing detainees before even determining whether they would cooperate

Poland took bribe from US to have torture centers there

CIA officials linked to brutal interrogation tactics in a U.S. Senate report on torture may be prosecuted or sued overseas for their conduct, a threat that may keep them confined to the U.S. for the rest of their lives. “The reality is that none of the individuals involved, particularly those whose names are known, should ever travel outside the United States again,” said Beth Van Schaack, who teaches international criminal justice and human rights at Stanford University. She noted the potential for suits in foreign courts under “expansive principles of jurisdiction.”

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