October 13, 2018

An unnoted advantage of ranked choice voting

In the latest issue of Green Horizon, Rob Richie of Fair Vote tells of some of the interesting results of ranked choice voting:
  • In San Francisco the primary turnout wa nearly 53% compared to 30% in the primary before RCV. The state average for primaries was 38%
  • The Maine Democratic primary - first with -RCV - had the largest turnout in state party history
  • Santa Fe also showed a higher turnout with RCV.

1 comment:

  1. While in the past I strongly favored RCV, I now have two primary concerns: first, it is not clear what happens to ballots in which the voter chooses to rank only, say, their top two candidates instead of ranking, say, all 10; is that vote nullified?

    Second and more importantly, with RCV limiting what has been the historic importance of so-called third party candidacies, such a system in effect endorses a rigid centrist orthodoxy. Given the monumental problem the earth faces with regard to climate change, centrism dooms all.

    Bill in Virginia


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