June 11, 2016

Life on the campaign road

Daily Caller

The Democratic presidential candidate’s [has] campaign attempted to control introductory speeches and other details, according to emails between Clinton’s campaign and public schools and colleges in South Carolina obtained by The Associated Press.

The media relations director at Greenville Technical College wrote the college president that the campaign “wanted to write your introduction. I told them no.” The president at that school also refused to allow the campaign to script questions, stating that they were “bad questions,” going on to say that he would create his own questions, perhaps after hearing the speech.

In another email, Clay Middleton, the state director for the Clinton campaign, requested a list of two or three students who would speak from another college. At a high school event, the campaign wanted to see and edit an introduction speech by a student.

Other colleges were not as obstinate in their dealings with the campaign. The president of Des Moines Community College, Robert Denson, incorporated scripted talking points into his introduction. Later, he defended his actions by stating that all campaigns request control over such matters.

The Clinton campaign, long criticized for a wooden, scripted performance continues to assert that they run a non-scripted, off the cuff campaign. Clinton staffer Nick Merrill stated, “we take pride in Secretary Clinton’s ability to answer tough questions. We do not screen questioners at events, nor do we script interactions.”

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Anonymous said...

Apparently what does get scripted is the result reported by hacked voting machines. Voters from CA to MA are left scratching their heads at how Bernie's votes, always his, didn't get counted, see Palast. The meaning of primaries is to demonstrate the consummate Clinton command over the final tally, showing a win over Trump to be inevitable regardless of the polls or the actual vote. The presumptive nominee possesses the Bush magic, and inherits his influence with the owners of the flipping machines.