May 5, 2016

Top Israeli Army official suggests parallel between today's Israel and 1930s Germany

Jerusalem Post

The Israeli army's deputy chief of staff ignited controversy with his remarks which seemed to suggest a parallel between present-day Israel and 1930s Germany.

Maj. Gen. Yair Golan made the comments during a Holocaust Remembrance Day address at Tel Yitzhak.

"It's scary to see horrifying developments that took place in Europe begin to unfold here," the officer said.

The comments unleashed a torrent of criticism against Golan on social media, with Twitter users accusing the deputy chief of staff of "forgetting the lessons of the Holocaust."

"The Holocaust should bring us to ponder our public lives and, furthermore, it must lead anyone who is capable of taking public responsibility to do so," Golan said. "Because if there is one thing that is scary in remembering the Holocaust, it is noticing horrific processes which developed in Europe – particularly in Germany – 70, 80, and 90 years ago, and finding remnants of that here among us in the year 2016."

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Anonymous said...

Many of us have said the same thing in the past. this is noteworthy because of who said it.