March 19, 2016

Why Hillary Clinton gets herself into so much trouble

Sam Smith, 2015 – I confess I’ve been a bit startled by all the trouble that Hillary Clinton has found herself in more than a year before she’s due to be nominated at her party convention.

Even the stupid Republican stuff – like the Benghazi incident – has gained a prominence you wouldn’t have expected if the Secretary of State had been, say, Bill Clinton. And the email controversy isn’t the sort of issue you would expect a clever politician to let come to the fore so easily and with so many bad answers.

But then as I thought about it more, I realized that there has been a noticeable difference in the way Hillary Clinton and her husband handle their curves and cons . HRC actually has a long history of not doing it all that well while WJC seems to get away with everything.
One theory I’ve come up with is that to be a really good hustler you have to have grown up around hustlers and see life as a perpetual con rather than an entitlement.

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