February 5, 2016

Morning Line: Media misleading about Sanders

The corporate media not only played a major role in building the campaign for Trump, it continues to mislead people about the relative strength of Clinton and Sanders. In fact, based on recent polls, Clinton is in a statistical tie with Trump, Rubio, and Cruz.. Sanders would beat Trump by 9 and is in a statistical tie with Rubio and Cruz. Sanders does better against each of these candidates than Clinton by 5-7 points
Also based on the moving average of recent polls:
  • In New Hampshire Trump leads by 20 and Sanders leads by 16. Both are trending slighly downward
  • Nationally, with 39 points, Trump has a 11 point lead ahead of Cruz who has 20. Rubio has 17. Trump's best lead so far: 26
  • Clinton's lead over Sanders is 12. She's under 50% for the first time. This is the second time Sanders has come this close

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