October 30, 2015

Great thoughts of Ted Cruz

Climate change is not science. It's religion -Ted Cruz


Anonymous said...

Actually it is a cult-like religion. It is properly called Eugenics.

I think most people are smart enough to realize that the Sun is responsible for 99% of the Earth's climate fluctuations (we are heading now for a cooling mini-ice age at this moment). For all those who think it is the most important problem facing the people of the Earth (that being "too many people" since we are carbon-based lifeforms and carbon dioxide is considered to be the problem), I suggest this:

If you think there are too many people on the Earth (surviving using energy) than by all means lead by example and help solve the problem: Kill yourself.

That is EXACTLY what our rulers really want. Control and elimination so they can truly have it all.

Albert Krauss said...

But this one (if you saw my Ben Carson response) is truly a sign of linguistic/semantic failure. I think the fuddle brain is trying to say that climate change was wrought by "god", who is front and center in "religion", while science is pretending to claim rights to understanding this god wrought phenomenon. Hopeless!!

Anonymous said...

As anti-Muslim antisemitism became a found casus belli, so also science-believers. The closest modern analogy to the political cult Cruz would lead is North Korea, which btw does not deny science.

Capt. America said...

Climate change is fact. Beliefs are not.