Ukraine stats

Russia has lost ‘a third of ground forces’ in Ukraine attack

Around 15,000 Russian troops have been killed in the 61 days since they launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, according to the UK. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace also told MPs more than 2,000 of Russia’s armoured vehicles have either been destroyed or captured

Some 22,000 people have been killed in Mariupol
At least 10,000 civilians are believed to have been killed in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol
Over 5 million have fled Ukraine including 1.5 million children. There are some 7 million refugees in Ukraine.
74 Russian tanks have been destroyed 


U.S. will accept up to 100,000 Ukrainians fleeing war

136 children killed in Ukraine

15th Top Russian Commander Killed in Ukraine War

Some 10 million people have been displaced inside Ukraine 
7000 Russian troops killed in Ukraine
1800 Ukrainian citizens killed by Russians
US military aid to Ukraine before and after invasion: $2 billion
62% of Americans oppose taking military action against Russia 
More than 100,000 Brits apply to open their homes to Ukrainian refugees 

Nearly 1 Million Ukrainians Without Electricity

Russia's GDP Estimated to Fall 15% This Year on Ukraine-Linked Sanctions

There are 1.4 million people of Ukrainian descent in Canada, the third most after Ukraine and Russia


The complicated history of Ukraine and Russia


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