Weak gun laws kill more blacks

Americans Were Killed by Guns in 2021 at the Highest Rate in 30 Years

2 in 10 Report Experience With Gun Violence

Americans want stricter gun laws

Gun Control Is as Old as the Old West

Just the facts: guns

44% of Republicans say mass shootings should be accepted as part of a free society.

 12 stats to help inform the gun control debate

Video games are not to blame

The rise of gun incidents

CBS  - The NRA's revenue declined 23% from roughly $367 million in 2016 to $282 million in 2020, the most recent year for which its tax filings are available. Contributions and grants from members and from corporations also have slipped 15% during that time... The NRA reached 5 million members in 2013,... While its base swelled to 6 million members by 2018, it has lost ground since then, with [its leader] saying in a 2021 deposition that its membership was "under 4.9 million."

A 2021 study from the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Social Dynamics and Wellbeing Lab found that active shooter drills in schools were associated with a 42% increase in stress and anxiety, 39% increase in depression and 23% increase in physiological health problems in children from as young as 5, up to high schoolers, teachers and parents. - Huffington Post 

The CDC has released a study finding that over 45,000 people died because of gun violence in 2020. This is the highest rate of gun death that our nation has ever seen.
2021 saw a record year for guns at TSA checkpoints and 86% of nearly 6,000 were found loaded


55% support new gun laws

Record gun sales in January


A Quinnipiac poll finds that American voters support requiring background checks for all gun buyers, 94% to 4%. Voters also support stricter gun laws in the U.S. by 61% to 34%. Republicans, gun owners and voters in households where there is a gun are the only listed groups opposed.  - 2019

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