Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II The 140 million poor & low-wealth people includes: 52.2% or 39 million children (below 18), 41.9% or 21 million elders (above 65), 42.6% or 65.8 million men, 45% or 74.2 million women.  60.4% or 26 million Black people, 64.1% or 38 million Latinx people, 40.8% or 8 million Asian people, 58.9% or 2.14 million Native/Indigenous people, 33.5% or 66 million white people. Poverty & low-wealth is a crisis in America.
59% of Americans living pay check to pay check
How Canada got its lowest poverty rate in history

America's declining economy
What a good anti-poverty agenda looks like
Aid to needy families increases, but still below 60% of poverty line

A third of renters insecure about food
Billionaires made more money in 2017 than ever
The case for economic degrowth
Finland's experiment in universal basic income
An audit of poverty in the US

Work requirements for food stamps costly and ineffective
Food stamps lead to a better life
People support "public assistance" but dislike "welfare"
The revival of the Poor People's Campaign
The anti-cash movement

American economy has transfered income from botton 50% to top 1%
Stores closing all across America
Sweden's successful economic plan is reverse of Trump's The failures of Harvard's business school
How to help the economy without spending any more money
Water becoming too expensive for the poor
America's sharp divide about poverty
Why we have to change how we think about money
Safety net programs have dramatically cut poverty

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The counterfeit economy
How the corpocrats are killing our culture as well as our economy
Born again economics
Short history of the economic American
True cost of Reagan and extreme capitalism
Another way to think about money
The savings & loan bailout
Rewriting history to justify greed
The road to fascism gets shorter
The effects of extreme capitalism
Confessions of a vision impaired stakeholder with dubious management practices embarking on an ill-defined mission
The corporate curse
A short history of the economic American
Why labor unions are essential
How's your GDP today?
Printing money
Alternative currency
What banks, academics, the media and politicians don't tell you about money
Reforming the money system

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