Alternative sex & gender


Same sex households double since 2008

What it used to be like to be gay

71% support  legalizing alternative gender marriage

In California, 10% of Legislature now identifies as alternative gender

The 15 Best States for Gender Equality

The campaign against alternative sex/gender

5 percent of young adults identify as trans or nonbinary, survey says

More than 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence before age 50

Lesbian imprisonment

2022’s Most LGBTQ-Friendly Cities

Same sex marriage support compared to church attendance

25 rainbow-flag waving companies that have donated $13 million to anti-gay politicians since 2021

Bringing joy to change

109 anti sex/gender bills introduced in nearly every southern state

Nearly Half of Gay and Bisexual Teens Considered Suicide Last Year

 A record 54 alternative sex and gender candidates ran in Texas primary

 Alternative sex/gender identity doubles in decade





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