January 13, 2021

Flotsam & Jetsam: Kojo Nnamdi ending his show

Kojo Nnamdi, long-running Washington radio host, is retiring from daily show after 23 years

 Sam Smith - I have been on about 900 radio and TV interviews over my time in journalism and was sorry to see that one of my favorite hosts - Kojo Nnambi on WAMU in Washington - be ending his shows in a few months after 23 years. As the Washingtonian Magazine put it:

The show will be remembered for Nnamdi’s wide-ranging subjects, from politics to snow shoveling, as well as his distinctive voice—it may be difficult for some Washingtonians to imagine the airwaves without a daily dose of Kojo. “I’ve always had a wide variety of interests, and I’ve always been easily bored,” Nnamdi told Washingtonian in 2013. “A perfect environment for me is one in which I get to talk about all the things I’m interested in and curious about.”

Shortly before we moved to Maine in 2009, my wife Kathy and I were interviewed by Kojo. Here's an excerpt.

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