June 3, 2017

19 states have voted to overturn Citizens United

Nevada just became the 19th state to pass a resolution that would support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. It  takes 38 states to ratify a constitutional amendment

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Anonymous said...

It'd be far easier to find another test case to challenge the precedent established by the court's idiotic ruling. This time around maybe have a competent lawyer with some actual trial experience present the case and not have the ACLU presenting an amicus brief arguing in support of Citizens? Concepts of limited corporate 'personhood' date to Roman times, and within contexts of legal necessity make perfect sense. For nearly two millennia legal scholars understood the absurdity of extending that defining the corporate person beyond certain reasonable limits. A casual reading of Blackstone's original commentaries on English Common ought make that clear. So much so, that how could any self-proclaimed 'originalist' jurist even consider finding in favor of Citizens had the case been presented from that context?