May 12, 2017

Vermont becomes first state leguslature to legalize all pot use

Alternet - Vermont became the first state to pass legislation legalizing the recreational use of marijuana through its legislature Wednesday. Colorado and eight other states have similarly moved to decriminalize the drug, but always through state referenda or other maneuvers. This marks the first true legislative victory for marijuana advocates in the U.S.


Anonymous said...

That would be great if it was true, but I think that the bill still has to be signed by the governor who has yet to commit to signing it.

Anonymous said...

The devil is in the details.
If somebody makes either a small or Big mistake at work, will they be required to provide a urine sample immediately. Then, if THC is detected, at what level would disciplinary action be taken?

Also, for automobile accidents, etc. and under what circumstances will the urine sample be acquired... then, there is 'chain of custody' that will be required, and laboratory certification, and so on.