May 31, 2017

Trump dump

Forty-three percent of voters want Congress to begin impeachment proceedings, according to a new Politico/Morning Consult poll, up from 38 percent last week.

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Anonymous said...

Call it 'idle curiosity' but part of me (almost) desires that we wait-and-see what happens in Washington. I mean, let all this continue... What Great Entertainment! Even Hollywood couldn't have imagined all that has already transpired, and this is just the Beginning!
This president is the epitome of what the Republican Party has worked for since Reagan. A 'businessman' (that has questionable business ethics, no political knowledge, ability or desire, and a heavy handed attitude toward those without money or power). If he didn't have some 'hot' woman as a 'spiritual' mentor, he could have been a Libertarian.
If we eventually exit the United Nations, NATO, call home all our troops from where-ever they may be - this might have been another Ayn Rand novel.