May 16, 2017

Meanwhile. . .

Building on the momentum of the People’s Climate March, the United Church of Christ is endeavoring to build a partnership centered on climate justice with the like-minded people of

Shower Thoughts - If net neutrality was about cars instead of data, and losing it meant drivers would be forced to slow down to 15mph on 60mph highways because they chose to drive the "wrong" make of car or listen to the "wrong" radio station, it would be saved in a heartbeat.

Percentage increase last year in the number of Americans renouncing their citizenship : 26


Anonymous said...

Bad analogy Sam, apparently you've never really driven on the 'freeways' in Southern California, for your very scenario exists there, as has existed for at least a quarter of a century. If anything, the great inequity tends to only increase.

Anonymous said...

Re: Anon @ 08:11

May be apt analogy as ALL the cars on So.Cal. 'freeways' are allowed to travel at the 'same' speed, and not individually slowed down because of how much they paid for their tank of fuel, or the price of their automobile.