May 26, 2017

FBI refuses to release documents in underage sex case of Clinton friend

Radar - In court documents filed on May 25 in U.S. District Court, lawyers for Radar contend that the FBI illegally ignored a Freedom of Information Act request filed on April 20, 2017, by The National ENQUIRER.

That FOIA demanded “all documents relating to the investigation and prosecution of [Jeffrey] Epstein.”

The FBI and Palm Beach, Fla. police began probing billionaire Epstein, now 64, in 2005, for allegedly trafficking dozens of underage women for the purposes of performing sex acts on him and his pals.

“Mr. Epstein enjoyed close ties to numerous prominent political figures, including former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew of the British Royal Family,” reads Radar’s lawsuit.

“Despite the gravity of his offenses, The Department of Justice allowed Epstein to plead guilty to a single count of soliciting prostitution from a minor under Florida state law, and serve only 13 months in prison.”

“In addition,” the Radar suit explained, “prosecutors agreed not to bring charges against Epstein’s alleged co-conspirators.”

By law, the FBI, or any government agency petitioned by a FOIA request, has 20 business days to produce the requested documents, or explain why they cannot be reasonably produced.

In this case, the FBI flat-out ignored The Enquirer’s demand.

As Radar previously reported, Clinton traveled on Epstein’s private jet— allegedly equipped with an “orgy bed” and nicknamed the “Lolita Express” — to the Islamic state of Brunei, where he dined with a notorious Sultan accused of doping women into “white slavery.”

What’s more, Clinton also visited Epstein’s private, 78-acre Caribbean island, officially called Little St. James but better known as “Orgy Island.”

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