April 8, 2017

Poll finds New Yorkers support prison reform

NY Daily News  - New Yorkers overwhelmingly support a wide range of criminal justice reforms to reduce the number of inmates as part of the plan to shut down Rikers Island, according to a survey commissioned by an independent panel that recommended the closure of the jail complex.

The poll found 87% of the 800 New Yorkers surveyed support holding people in jail prior to a conviction “only if they present a high risk to the safety of the community.”

The poll was conducted pro bono by the Center for Court Innovation and Global Strategy Group, a public relations firm working for the 27-member Independent Commission on New York City Criminal Justice and Incarceration Reform.

The panel, led by former state Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, recommends cutting the jail population almost in half before moving inmates to smaller jails to be built in each of the five boroughs.

Council speaker's bail bill would help defendants avoid Rikers

As for the survey, it also found 73% of those questioned back proposals to expand community-based monitoring as an alternative to incarceration.

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