March 28, 2017

Trump claims he can't be sued for sex offense because he's president

USA Today - President Trump’s private attorneys asserted in court this week that he should be immune from a defamation lawsuit filed against him because of his presidential duties.

Summer Zervos, a former contestant from The Apprentice, sued Trump in New York on Jan. 17, just days before the inauguration. She came forward in October and accused Trump of kissing and groping her in a Beverly Hills hotel room in 2007. Trump denied the accusation, including a series of tweets calling the sexual misconduct allegations "100% fabricated and made-up charges,” “totally false” and “totally made up nonsense.”

Zervos’ attorney, Gloria Allred, demanded a retraction, to no avail. So, she sued. Zervos’ lawsuit claims the alleged defamation was “detrimental to Ms. Zervos’s reputation, honor and dignity.”

Trump’s attorneys said in this week's court filing that the supremacy clause of the U.S. constitution should bar the lawsuit since it could “distract a President from his public duties to the detriment of not only the President and his office but also the Nation,” attorney Marc Kasowitz included in his filing, from the 1997 Clinton v. Jones Supreme Court ruling.

Legal scholars predicted a collision of private lawsuits from Trump’s life before the presidency once he took office. A USA TODAY investigation found around 75 such lawsuits still pending as Trump began his presidency. The Zervos case will likely rely on standards set in the case involving President Clinton, which clearly says presidents are not immune from private litigation while in office.

However, Trump’s attorneys say the Clinton case left unresolved some questions, such as dismissing a case based on its likelihood to distract the presidency before it begins. Kasowitz said he would soon file a motion to dismiss the case that asks for an apology and $2,914.

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Bruce Sigmon said...

We should make a special arrangement where he can go to court on the weekends when he is not working anyway.