February 23, 2017

DNC race tight

Political Wire - The consensus among Democratic officials is that former Labor Secretary Tom Perez is the slight favorite to win election as the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee… But a Politico email survey of the 447 DNC voting members and follow-up interviews with close to a dozen national and state Democratic leaders finds a considerably closer race, with Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison holding a narrow advantage in a contest that seems likely to last through several rounds of balloting before determining a winner.


Anonymous said...

Insiders both, don't buy the hype. Ellison has planted his head so far up Podesta and Shumer's posterior regions that anyone still believing he'll be anything much different needs to stop smoking whatever it is they're smoking.
Too bad the so-called progressive press refuses to appreciably acknowledge the work and insights of those at Black agenda Report, for had it been otherwise perhaps more folks might view Ellison's rise with a bit more skepticism.
For your reading pleasure:
"After the departures of Debbie Wasserman-Schulz and Donna Brazile, both deeply implicated in the sabotaging of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton’s loss, Democrats need a new face at the head of the Democratic National Committee, the national party’s executive body. Ideally it should be someone who reassures the funders and can help rally the base voters. The leading contender is Keith Ellison, just elected to his sixth term in Congress from Minneapolis.

Keith Ellison seems a good fit. He was the first Muslim ever elected to Congress, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus and current co-chair of the large and virtually impotent House Progressive Caucus. He was an early endorser of Bernie Sanders who did his duty trying to lead leftward strays back into Hillary’s big tent. In a decade on the House Financial Services Committee, Ellison managed not to deeply offend the banksters who flooded the market with predatory housing and student loans, or the payday lenders and credit card racketeers, and he didn’t embarrass or insult the colleagues who openly shill for them. In that target rich environment Ellison managed not just to keep from hitting anything, but not even to take aim."

Michael Hager said...

If this were the 19th century, anticorruption Progressives would form their own party as did the antislavery ex-Whigs in 1854. Recently new parties emerge from inside the old as did the DLC and the Tea. The anticorruption progressives, in the aftermath of the party's defeat over Sanders, in the rematch will have to primary and defeat the Party Dems by welcoming the participation of Independents, radicals, people's party, nonvoters, anticorruption conservatives, et al. But not party insider neoliberals.