January 3, 2017

Things we hadn't started worrying about: death by selfie

Thanks to Richard Brenneman for making us aware of this threat

IFL Science A recent piece from Mashable  tallied up the number of selfie-related deaths so far this year, which surpassed double figures and now stands at 12.... One man was mangled in Spain after trying to snap a pic during a bull run, and two Russian men met their demise while photographing themselves with a live grenade. A woman even managed to shoot herself in the head while posing with a gun. To put that figure into perspective, Mashable compared it with the number of shark deaths recorded during the same period: eight.

Press Trust of India - A 21-year-old engineering student died when he was hit by a speeding train while trying to take a selfie here in the wee hours today, police said. The incident occurred past midnight when the student was returning after celebrating New Year, they said. Gunasekharan, a resident of Dindigul district studying at a private college in the city’s outskirt, died on the spot when he was trying to take a selfie with the train in the background using his mobile phone, police said.  The victim was hit by the train and hurled at a distance of around 100 feet, they said.

Radio France International A French tourist has been bitten by a crocodile in a Thai national park as whe tried to take a selfie with the beast. She was taken to hospital and is expected to recover. The crocodile bit 47-year-old Muriel Benetulier on the leg when she ignored warning signs and approached it to take a selfie, park officials said. The incident took place at the Khao Yai national park, three hours north of Bangkok.

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