January 6, 2017

Labor notes

When President Obama took office in January 2009, 80,529,000 Americans were not in the labor force, the highest number on record. That number rose steadily during his two terms, reaching a record 95,055,000 in November 2016, then setting another record (95,102,000) in December.


Anonymous said...

Hope & Change, baby.
Folks in the real world didn't need to read these stats to know the situation. And the Democrats continue to wonder why the angst?

greg gerritt said...

As much as folks would like to blame Obama or any other politician for this, the reality is we are at the end of work and no politician is going to be abnle to do anything about it. We need a guaranteed income as the robots are going to take all the jobs but people still got to eat and need a roof over their heads.