January 16, 2017

How a Maine town responded to anti-Muslim action

Portland Press Herald - Portlanders discovered new foods and other items Saturday at the start of a two-day event to promote Muslim-owned businesses in the [Maine] city.

Organized by Progressive Portland, the Muslim-Owned Business Buy-in is a response to the Christmas Eve window smashing at the Ahram Halal Market on Forest Avenue and to Islamophobia in the U.S.

More than 1,200 people pledged to take part in the weekend event, said Mayor Ethan Strimling, who shopped at several Muslim-owned businesses Saturday morning and – in his State of the City address on Monday – encouraged Portlanders to do the same.

Some of the shoppers were making their first foray into the Muslim-owned markets and restaurants that have opened in their midst during the past two decades, discovering new foods and other exotic items.

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