December 7, 2016

Trump reportedly promises anti-gay action

Independent, UK - Donald Trump has reportedly given “assurances” that he will take action to undermine laws that are seen as protecting the rights of gay people in the US.

A Republican Congressman, Steve Russell, says he has been led to understand the new administration will back his drive to allow federal contractors “religious freedom”.

Critics say allowing federal contractors religious freedom means they can discriminate against LGBT people on the basis of at-times arbitrary religious beliefs, and still receive public money.

In 2014, President Barack Obama issued an executive order that banned LGBT discrimination by federal contractors across the board.

Mr Trump could simply act to scrap Mr Obama’s order, Mr Russell suggested. “The vagueness was created by the executive branch, so the executive branch [under Trump] could un-create the vagueness,” he said. “You reverse it by clarifying a bad executive order with a good one.”

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