November 22, 2016

How trade deals damage our constitution

Economy in crisis - By signing the agreement with the World Trade Organization, the U.S. President and Congress agreed to concede a major portion of our Constitution in favor of the WTO’s constitution and relinquish our sovereignty and usurp our democratic legislative process, including:
  1. Conforming U.S. laws, regulations and administrative procedures to the will of the WTO
  2. Subjecting all federal, state and local laws and practices that affect trade to international review by the WTO
  3. Allowing any WTO member country to challenge federal, state and local laws and practices as trade impeding
  4. Taking all trade disputes to the WTO judiciary – giving the WTO final jurisdiction over all trade altercations. No appeal exists outside of the WTO
  5. Empowering the WTO to enforce its rulings by imposing fines on the United States until we comply
  6. Disallowing Congress to change the agreement.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These trades deals are a direct attack upon national sovereignty, among the most effective weapons available to those seeking some sort of oligarchic coup. It must not be forgotten that we have a Clinton to thank for the signing of not only WTO, but also NAFTA and GATT. The proposed TPP along with the companion agreements TTIP and TISA would have ceded yet control. The pain inflicted by NAFTA and GATT is felt every day among the ranks of underclass America, and they fully understand the threats posed by TPP/TTIP/TISA upon the ever diminishing quality of their lives. Not only do they understand that, they also correctly understood Hillary Clinton's association with all of the above named deals and that is why, in large measure, they rejected her this past past November 8th. The hysterical attempts by Democratic Party apologists to attribute the results to bigotry and racism truly miss the mark and serve as yet more proof of the Beltway disconnect from the American citizenry.