November 9, 2016

Election update 3 PM

The role of rural American in Trump's victory

Jill Stein of the Green Party has 1,191,269 votes, [based on].96 percent of the national total. That's the Greens' best showing since Ralph Nader's campaign in 2000. Stein's highest percentage on the state level came in Hawaii, where she collected 2.9 percent of the ballots. She also managed to top 2 percent in Oregon (2.4 percent), Vermont (2.3), and—more surprisingly—Kansas (2.0). She did not outpoll Johnson in any state.

Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party, has (at this point in the counting) 4,008,564 votes, or 3.22 percent of the national total. That's much less than he was polling a couple months ago, but it's far better than any other presidential result in the party's 45-year history. It's also better than any other alternative candidate since Ross Perot's campaigns of 1992 and '96.

Russ Feingold defeated 

Minnesota Just Elected The Country's First Somali-American Muslim Woman Legislator
Ilhan Omar on Tuesday became the first Somali-American Muslim woman elected to a state legislature, with a clear victory in Minnesota . 
Key environmentally-related ballot measures in six states received mixed results yesterday.On the plus side, Florida voters saw through utility industry efforts to thwart the state's burgeoning solar energy business and California voters appeared to affirm the state's ban on single-use plastic bags. Both Massachusetts and Oregon passed key animal protection laws. But, two historically significant measures didn't fare as well. An energy and big business-backed state constitutional amendment passed in Colorado, while a controversial carbon tax initiative in Washington went down to defeat.

Maine residents have rejected a call for stricter controls on the way people buy guns in the state.

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Anonymous said...

Just think how Dr Stein's showing might have been if folks like you, Sam, provided access for her ideas to have even a half-assed hearing? You performed a splendid service for the Democratic Party is freezing out pretty all mention of Stein, the Green Party, or any other legitimate alternative that appeared on this year's ballot.
Democratic analysis post the 2014 washout indicated that 2016 was ripe for significant populist backlash. The strategy arrived upon was one to contain the drift, yield to acceptable limits on some issues, and mount a primary campaign appeasing and offering lip-service to the populist left---hence Sanders' function. Sanders would run well to the left, attempting to corral the recalcitrants and in the end capitulate to the anointed one. All the while this would serve to encumber third party efforts to organize. In this Sam, you were most complicit, so quit posturing the 'progressive', come out of the closet and openly admit who you are.