November 9, 2016

Election update 11 AM

Pleased to report that two issues your editor has been involved with from the start did well last night.  Ranked choice voting, a movement that in the 1990s began seriously with a meeting in your editor's living room, got its first statewide approval - in Maine. And DC statehood was overwhelmingly approved by DC voters. An article by your editor about how DC could become  a state without a constitutional amendment helped to launch the movement for it a few months later.

Democrat Paul Penzone has ended controversial Arizona lawman Joe Arpaio's 24-year tenure as the sheriff of Maricopa County.

Nevada Democrat and former state attorney general  Catherine Cortez Masto is now the country's first latina senator.

Celebs who said they would leave the country if Trump won

Canadian immigration website crashed last night from over-use

Carbon tax fails in Washingtonn state 

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