October 21, 2016

Those most anxious to see this election over with

Zachary Crockett, Vox - Don Trump is fed up.

"Is the election over yet?" he asks me over phone. "I'm ready to get my life back now."

To be clear, this is not the schismatic Republican nominee. This is a 62-year-old technician from Virginia who prides himself as a "free-loving Democrat." But today, Don has become a guilty-by-association casualty of the prominent Trump’s antics: He cannot hand over his credit card in a restaurant without being chided. He is coaxed into political debates at backyard barbecues.

Armed with one-liner retorts — "No relation"; "Not my uncle"; "I’m with Hillary" — he lives in a perennial state of verbal self-defense. Since the election, his surname has become a gadfly.

Don is not alone. According to Whitepages data, he is but one of 4,788 people in America who share the last name Trump. Zachary Crockett, Sarah Frostenson / Vox

America’s Trumps are educators, doctors, and machinists. They’re anti-liberal leftists, Christians, and immigrants. They span 46 states, from the remote reaches of Alaska to the sun-bleached shores of Florida. Most don’t bear any discernible relation to the man on the Republican ticket.

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