October 8, 2016

Morning Line

Nationally, Hillary Clinton is five points ahead of Trump. This this is 8 points better than her worst position vs Trump. Her current average percentage is 44%, Her campaign range has been 38-46%


Anonymous said...

Now that the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, as everyone in the nation expresses outrage over Trumps obsession with talking about pussy, might it be suggested that the possibly it's time to cut the with the Trump is the greatest evil to confront US voters bit? Lesser evilism's justification rested on the prospects of a Trump victory, the collective barrage along with the Donald's propensity towards self-destruction have pretty much succeeded in quelling the likelihood of his winning. That being the case, Sam, don't you think it safe for you to actually engage in some coverage of Dr Stein? The spoiler nonsense isn't cutting it any more, so what's your excuse?
Or, have you decided to act as that other ostensible 'progressive' web entity from Maine and continue on as some not so covert adjunct of the Democratic Party?---hell, their donation page links up through ActBlue for crying out load!
So Sam, what's the deal? When do you get back on board and decide to act the 'progressive'?

KZeese said...

An easy Clinton victory in the Electoral College has been obvious since before the conventions. After-all the Dems start with 240 of the 270 Electoral College votes they need just looking at the states they have won for nearly 30 years in every election. Fear of Trump winning has been a fraud throughout the election to keep people voting in their stuck positon, i.e. voting for two big business parts that will scret them.