October 17, 2016

Global peace rankings

Tree Hugger - Each year the non-profit think tank Institute for Economics and Peace crunches the numbers to arrive at a ranking that measures where the most and least peaceful places on the planet are. Known as the Global Peace Index, the listing takes into consideration 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators.

It may come as little surprise, sadly, to hear that peace took a slight turn for the worse over the last year. And in fact, peace has been taking a slow dismal dip over the last decade, driven primarily by increased terrorism and higher levels of political instability, according to the report. Since 2008, the world has become 2.44 percent less peaceful.

[Here are] the countries that ranked as most peaceful.

1. Iceland 2. Denmark 3. Austria 4. New Zealand 5. Portugal 6. Czech Republic 7. Switzerland 8. Canada 9. Japan 10. Slovenia

The five countries at the sad other end of the list all suffer from ongoing conflicts; Syria is at the bottom as the least peaceful, followed by South Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.

And you may be wondering, where does the United States stand? Not in the top 10. Or even in the top 100. The U.S. comes in at spot number 103.


Anonymous said...

And with the election of Clinton, the US will likely give those bottom five nations a run for their money. Frankly, it's difficult to accept that the US isn't already there now. After all, just think about it for a moment, the sole peace candidate in this year's presidential farce cannot even receive the slightest mention in a blog maintained by an author boasting Quaker antecedents and ostensibly posturing as a 'progressive', a progressive apparently content to believe that trivialities such as this prove adequate consolation for his blatant omissions of Dr Jill Stein. As the saying goes, c'est la guerre---la guerre WWIII

Anonymous said...

#9 Japan??? Nonsense.

Under the present government, Japan has been re-arming for aggressive warfare - the first time since WWII - no doubt at the behest of the US, for assistance in its moves against China.

Anonymous said...

The old racist Axis is geared up, minus the pep talk, for another push against assumed subhuman central asia. Japan, and Germany are rearmed for a unification of the world on behalf of roughly the same banks that financed WWII. The US planners accept the evolution of 99 percent of humanity into a subservient indebted subspecies incapable of Ivy League admission. Contra the American dream of personal independence derived from Locke, for the US there is no equality in nature, as the CSA argued. The current US philosophy of regime change challenges the inefficiencies of so called leaders of the official subhuman races. What the CSA did to Lincoln is the believed tried and true model.The neocons propose genetic cleansing from the top as the subhumans cannot be permitted to govern themselves and the resources they happen to live near. As the US becomes energy self sufficient, One nation under Oil, asserted subhuman Americans are also targeted as at Standing Rock. Americans, 99 out of 100 only happen to live here, like rabbits or crows do, but they are not fully human as are Ivy Leaguers.