September 12, 2016

Cokie Roberts raises Clinton step-aside possibility

Mediaite - This morning on NPR’s Morning Edition, journalist and author Cokie Roberts indicated that many of the establishment Democrats may be getting antsy over the renewed speculation of Hillary Clinton‘s health.

Roberts’ comments come just a day after the former Secretary of State was forced to leave a 9/11 remembrance ceremony early due to an illness, amid reports from her campaign that she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.

“It’s taking her off of the campaign trail,” said Roberts Monday morning, indicating that the pneumonia has forced Clinton to cancel her upcoming trip to California. But as for members of the Democratic party, “It has them very nervously beginning to whisper about her stepping aside and finding another candidate.”

Despite any rumors that someone like Joe Biden would be able step in as the new standard-bearer of the Democratic party in the absence of Hillary Clinton, Roberts admitted that the idea may be farfetched. “I think it’s unlikely to be a real thing. I’m sure it’s an overreaction about an already-skittish party,” she added.”


Anonymous said...

When I watched the video of Clinton waiting for her car, there was something in her movements that nagged me, reminded me of someone, and then today it occurred -- she reminded me of my mother who developed Parkinson's. Early on, it's episodic and in between people are perfectly fine. Those episodes however become more and more frequent, and in my mother's case she had to be confined to a long-term care facility, becoming unable to do anything for herself.

There is no 'test' as it were for Parkinson's, rather a diagnosis requires a doctor to consider all symptoms. I'm not a doctor, but I have direct experience with an individual who had (past tense) Parkinson's. If true, it makes Clinton ineligible to become President.

Anonymous said...

Comment above states:" If true, it makes Clinton ineligible to become President."
Add that to a long list of other reasons Clinton should be ineligible to become president. That she's somehow pulled this off so far is just simply amazing to me.
What's more, Sam, the ostensible 'progressive' continues with his Trump barrage and near absolute failure to cover anything at all about Jill Stein.
By the way, word is today that Barry started upping the WW III stakes with B-1 bomber buzzing of the Korean DMZ. That's the recently refurbished B-1s by the way, the ones designed to carry those newly modified B61 tactical 'usable' 'low yield' nuclear bombs. Which sort of brings us back around to my original point regarding presidential disqualifications of Madam Slick---anyone foolish enough to believe for one second that Hillary's presidency won't be responsible for the continuation of yet more warfare, population dislocation, unnecessary suffering and pain ought to set aside some moments for sober reflection and reconsider their rationale for justifying any kind of support for this. There is only one moral option available and excuses for not embracing it are absurd.
There is little time left. Cast your votes for peace---and that's not will Hillary.
Sam, you sure have let us down this cycle---some Quaker you are.