September 2, 2016

Morning Line

Based on the average of recent polls:

Nationally, Hillary Clinton is 2 points ahead of Trump, a statistical tie. She is 4 points better than her worst to date. Her average of 40% is 6 below her best to date and 2 above her worst to date.

Clinton is leading with 241 of the needed 270 votes, down her best of 275.. Another 117 electoral votes are possibly Democratic. Only 54 electoral votes are definitely in the Trump column. Another 70 are possible.

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Anonymous said...

This is the result of the failure of a centrist third party. The only point of attack, as Ventura showed, is from a center reform position against both parties, the center actually being far to the left of the duopoly. He beat Coleman and Humphrey Jr. The only reason that noone takes the opportunity must be that there is no money in it. Even when the electorate begs for a breakthrough, ambition fails if it means the leadership can't get rich from it. Both Sanders and Trump will likely to be shown, after the final accounting, to have been in it for the money.