September 14, 2016

Media trying to get details of Trump's divorce

Politico -   Donald Trump and his ex-wife Ivana are fighting an effort to unseal records of their 1990 divorce, arguing that the real estate mogul's presidential bid is no basis for prying into court filings related to the couple's split.

The Trumps filed separate legal briefs Tuesday in state court in Manhattan, urging a judge to reject the unsealing motion brought last month by The New York Times and newspaper chain Gannett.

....Under New York law, divorce records are normally sealed, but can be released if a judge decides that "special circumstances" justify disclosure.

The Times and Gannett argued that Donald Trump's treatment of women, finances and personal credibility are at issue in the presidential campaign, creating an "intense" public interest in the divorce files. The news outlets also noted that the divorce was granted in 1990 on grounds of "cruel and inhuman treatment" by the real estate mogul.

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