September 27, 2016

Ireland joins Iceland in prosecuting bankers

Your News Wire - Following from last year’s mass incarceration of 26 bankers in Iceland, Ireland is going to prosecute the 2005-2008 CEO of Anglo Irish Bank, David Drumm, on 33 criminal charges. reports:

These include two charges of conspiracy to defraud and false accounting relating to €7.2 billion in deposits placed in Anglo Irish Bank accounts by the then Irish Life and Permanent, between March and September 2008.

16 of the 33 charges relate to unlawfully authorizing billions in loans (to be invested back into Anglo Irish Bank) to 16 wealthy investors, in a bid to artificially prop up Anglo Irish Bank’s share price before its December 2008 collapse. Each of the 33 offenses carries a 5 or 10 year jail term, except for a single count of conspiracy to defraud, which has a maximum penalty of an “unlimited term of imprisonment” under Irish law.


Strelnikov said...

What's a "jolin"?

(Your keyboard's busted, Sam.)

Anonymous said...

The bankers in Ireland and Iceland are swine and evil people who intentionally stole. They deserve to rot in prison.

The bankers in the US however are overworked humanitarians who simply made honest mistakes and should not be chastised by people like that commonist harlot Senator Warren. Nor should they be sent to prison.

Besides, US bankers, unlike those sewer rat bankers in Ireland and Iceland, are sensitive people, and they would cry and piss their pants if sent to prison.

Keep America strong, keep our bankers free.

Anonymous said...


I used to come to Undernews for intelligent, thoughtful comments.