September 8, 2016

Great thoughts of the Trump campaign

Daily Beast - Donald Trump’s newest campaign boss has some strong feelings about the 9/11 attacks. Namely, that Bill Clinton let them happen because he hated the military and loved gays.

David Bossie, who became Trump’s deputy campaign manager last week, wrote a book in 2004 arguing that the Sept. 11 terror attacks are the legacy of Bill Clinton, not George W. Bush. The book, called Intelligence Failure: How Clinton’s National Security Policy Set the Stage for 9/11—which is no longer in print and isn’t available at major bookstores—gives insight into how a top new Trump hand views national security questions and George W. Bush’s presidency.

Bossie’s book—published by WorldNetDaily Books, the imprint of a conspiracy theory site that is the one-stop-shop for all things birther—argues that Bill Clinton’s hatred for the military and affinity for the homosexual agenda led to 9/11. His basic thesis was that Clinton weakened the FBI, weakened the CIA, thought terrorism wasn’t a problem, and coddled America’s enemies, leaving the American intelligence community in such a mess that there was nothing at all whatsoever that Bush possibly could have done to stop the attacks.

The book begins by ripping John Deutch, Clinton’s second CIA director, for trying to make the agency more “politically correct.”

“Deutch worked to push the CIA into a politically correct mold,” Bossie wrote. “Everyone near the top of the bureaucracy had to submit to AIDS awareness and sensitivity training. Quotas were imposed to ensure a diversity that allegedly looked like the American people.”

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Anonymous said...

Trump attracts calculated disinformation like Nov. 22. If Giuliani is his handler, then he has Alex Jones fooled about who was inside on that job. If it had been planned for two years there is a question whether Lieberman would have been assigned the Cheney quarterback role.