September 22, 2016

33 Dems - including Clinton - support public option in healhtcare


The so-called public option — a government-run insurance plan to shore up gaps in the Affordable Care Act — is opening old wounds between the Democratic Party’s liberal and moderate wings.

Thirty-three mostly liberal Democrats, including all the Senate leadership, have signed onto a nonbinding Senate resolution introduced last Friday to add the public option to Obamacare, arguing that it is needed to fix problems with the president’s signature health care law.

But missing from the list are vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine and a half-dozen other moderates who face reelection in 2018 — when the map that favors Democrats this year will flip to favor Republicans.

Kaine’s absence is especially striking since Hillary Clinton embraced the public option in July.


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, Sam, after watching their act upon the national stage for over a quarter of a century you still haven't figured out that a Clinton will say anything on the campaign trail to get a vote? What Hillary says is absolutely meaningless, especially within context of her history. Remember the ramp up to the hideous abomination that is the ACA? Remember when Hillary's acolytes were traversing the country, holding rigged 'town halls' and stating in no uncertain terms that 'Public option' and 'single payer' were absolutely off the table?
Recall Sanders discussing his initial meetings with Hillary in the 1990's to discuss conepts for the proposed 'Hillary Care', and when the topic of single payer/medicare for all/public option came up Hillary responded, "Get real."
There's a reason Kaine is straddling the fence on not only this, but also trade, pipelines, financial regulation, it's the single and insurance policy to the big donors letting them know they need not worry about this populist election talk.
Why don't you act the true 'Progressive' and get on board and support a candidate with some values?
At least try to attempt to allow the Stein/Baraka positions a hearing.

Anonymous said...

Public option is still not single payer.

Anonymous said...

Sure, Hilary can say she is for a public healthcare option, but how long will she actually work for a public option, much less a single payer plan? I'm guessing Hilary's public healthcare option will be set aside before she finishes her acceptance speech. The Clintons have a terrible record for making campaign promises that evaporate within hours of the end of the election.