August 17, 2016

The future still lies ahead

Sam Smith - An increasing number of journalists are making predictions in the presidential race based on current data - some so current it only includes the latest poll. The Review has long given its readers the latest polling data, but using multi-poll returns and in a way that does not assume what's happening today will still be true in November.

Right now Hillary Clinton is way ahead in electoral votes based on recent polls but is in a statistical tie with Trump based on the national popular vote. But it is unlikely that we have seen the last of scandals that will hurt one or both candidates.

So our system is to tell you where things seem to stand right now and leave tomorrow to the future.

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Anonymous said...

The tv westerns of the 1950s featured a lot of acceptable gunplay and consensual murder. Our electoral system has been returned to the same wild west as was restored in the Heller decision. All roads lead to Dodge City. At the end of a criminal episode everyone picks up and goes on to next week's gunfight sponsored by Lucky Strike. There is no crime conceivable that could prevent one of the two candidates from winning. Both have deep unofficial criminal records which evens the playing field. The election will be won on other
grounds principally on personality,
on the logic of I least dislike Ike. The US last chance to be a democracy was snuffed out with the defeat of Adlai after which Nixonism started its 1000 year rule personified by the immortal god of human lowest emotional IQ Kissinger so ably portrayed by Peter Sellers. The Nazi legacy demands that Russia and China be divided and conquered.