August 31, 2016

Our Revolution

Our Revolution  is up and running on the web


Anonymous said...

And Sanders couldn't even find the time to head down to Florida to actively campaign for Tim Canova's challenge to Wasserman-Schultz. Is this any indication of the kind engagement folks can expect from 'Our Revolution'?
When one logs onto the OR donation page, does it not arouse certain suspicions that it's yet one more cash conduit of ActBlue, the official Democratic fund raising entity?
Some 'revolution' we can expect from there!

Anonymous said...

Our Revolution is Sheepdog Sander's device to steer progressives away from the growing Green party and into dead end Democratic Party lesser-evilism.

Tom Puckett said...

What the Klingon has said is unimportant, and we do not hear his words. -- Leonard McCoy.

I would love to come back to you, but it was you who went away. -- Ashleigh Brilliant

Bernie and even a little tip, as they called it, for AbtBleu had my financial support until, but now, Green ahead! Fool me twice, shame on me!

Everyone who cares should write letters to five of their favorite news publications by next Friday, 9/9, asking for Green and Libertarian inclusion in the debates. Use a talking point, if you want to, that only having Clinton and Trump isn't a debate but an infomercial for paper and plastic. Thinking of paying $50 to get the word out in Bismark - thanks, Sam, for posting the address!

I don't watch infomercials, since there's so much else I'm interested in! For example:

Cheers, Tom