August 29, 2016

Morning Line

Based on the average of recent polls:
Nationally, Hillary Clinton is 3 points ahead of Trump, a statistical tie. She is 5 points better than her worst to date. Her average of 41% is 5 below her best to date.

Clinton is leading with 221 of the needed 270 votes, down her best of 275.. Another 152 electoral votes are possibly Democratic. Only 54 electoral votes are definitely in the Trump column. Another 70 are possible.

In the Senate the Democrats stand to gain four seats and the GOP none. The Dems could possibly win another three.The Dems need to win four seats (or three plus a Democratic Veep) to control the Senate.

In governorships, Democrats & Republicans should each pick up 1 this year. Democrats have already gained another, . Republicans are leaning ahead in 2 races, Democrats in one.

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Anonymous said...

These polls are propaganda for the duopoly. Only 60 percent can bring themselves to identify with a major party after trillions are spent in brainwashing. This is like trying to get hippies to go to Woodstock to see the Chipmunks and Arthur Godfrey. Duopoly partisans form a majority. But if an independent wedge were driven between them an antipartisan era of good feeling could break out. Both major parties would collapse or be reformatted by a single issue movement that eliminates big money from politics combined with a massive political literacy project. Robert C. Byrd waving his little book with the Constitution in it like it was the Bible, more revolutionary than Mao, the American Revolution.