August 4, 2016

Guaranteed income starter kit

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Anonymous said...

A $12 an hour minimum wage is still too low to rent a small apartment for a single person in most major cities in the US. If wages had kept pace since 1968 we'd have a minimum wage of about $21 an hour. A minimum wage for 2016 that is a little better than half the value of the 1968 minimum wage, is totally inadequate. Living expenses are 30% more today because of all the things one cannot live with now, but didn't exist in 1968. In 1968 one did not need a smart phone, computer or internet for employment, nor had healthcare costs skyrocketed, nor had buying expensive yet inadequate health insurance become mandatory. While all these points on this graph would help improve the lives of many people, it still is a long way away from even approaching a real universal basic income.