August 29, 2016

110 Republican leaders who won't be voting for Trump

NY Times


Anonymous said...

All Republicans not voting for Trump are in favor of the TPP

Pete said...

These are the republicans that orchestrated the catastrophes of the first years of this century: the wars, torture, financial shenanigans, cheap labor policy, mass incarceration, etc. All the things our dear editor has railed about for decades.

Only Trump has, and could have, repudiated them. He has stuck a knife into the neocons and the Bush doctrine.

He's not the vehicle I would have chosen. There is much to dislike about the fellow.

Anonymous said...

The Republican establishment lost control of its party and is merging with the Clinton faction. That means that the US is now a one party state with that party owned and operated by the oligarchy. It might be a good time to create a party of the 99% to fill the vacuum.

Capt. America said...

The line between Reagan and Trump is that
Trump can act.

Clinton will not reverse her trade policies.

Get ready for President Trump.