July 4, 2016

US gun ownership at lowest in 40 years

Rural Blog

Gun ownership in the U.S. is at its lowest in 40 years, but gun purchases are at recorded highs, according to surveys and government background checks, Christopher Ingraham reports for The Washington Post. A CBS News poll found that 36 percent of adults either own a gun or live with someone who does. That's the lowest since polling began in 1978.

An October Gallup poll has gun ownership at 43 percent and a 2014 General Social Survey says 32 percent...

FBI firearm background checks show that gun sales are at historic highs . ... A Washington Post analysis last year found that the average American gun owner now owns approximately eight firearms, double the number in the 1990s." 


Nebris said...

I believe that a lot of people are lying about owning guns.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

CBS is hated in gun country. Their polling has been notoriously biased. Gallup is more respected.

Believe what you want.

I remember when the Michael Bellesiles book came out in 2000. My academic colleagues were wetting themselves that the finally had the proof American gun culture was a fraud. Unfortunately it turned out the book was a total fraud.

Most liberals used to burn to find out the truth. Now they just want to hear what they already know.