July 24, 2016

Speaking of that wonderful Trump family

Independent, UK

One of the people at the Republican National Convention who received praise from all corners was Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

People liked her sharp comments, and admired her stylish line of clothes, which she highlighted during her performances. When she tweeted a link the morning after delivering a speech about how her father would fight for America, the $139 pink dress she had worn sold out online.

Yet many will be surprised to learn that the vast majority of Ms Trump’s clothes are not manufactured in US, but in China and Vietnam, two countries under the spotlight for human rights abuses and poor labour conditions. Some of the items are labelled simply as “imported”.

An inspection by The Independent of more than 25 different items of Ms Trump’s range at the Macy’s flagship store in New York city, found not a single one was produced in the US. A sales assistant confirmed that no items in the collection were made at home.

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Tom said...

No doubt her father will bring these jobs back to our country, just like all the other jobs he claims he'll bring back home for "his people" !!!