July 18, 2016

News Notes

California Breaks Solar Record, Generates Enough Electricity for 6 Million Homes

Clinton and Trump on educational issues

Why repealing Citizens United doesn't go far enough 

The Beatles' last public performance, on the roof of Apple Records in London, 45 years ago today

141 things Trump shouldn't have said or done

In our moving average of polls, Nationally, Hillary Clinton is four points ahead of Trump, 6 points better than her worst and 6 points worse than her best. Clinton is leading with 179 of the needed 270 votes, down 83 from her best. Another 123 electoral votes are leaning Democratic. Only 89 electoral votes are definitely in the Trump column. Another 31 are leaning his way.

Active military favor Trump over Clinton by 2-1 margin

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Anonymous said...

The Daily Bell is indicative of how illiterate the public is regarding CU. Clinton exploits this low info by continuing the long discredited scam of a constitutional amendment. When she could just appoint a justice who will overturn it. The credulous electorate has no power to restore the republic, unlike Lincoln's constituency which understood the legal problems raised by Dred Scott and were primed to fight a civil war over constitutional issues.