June 16, 2016

Why are we reviving the Cold War?

Richard Brenneman - Back in 1989 when the Cold War ended with the breakup and the Soviet Union and its satellite alliance, newspapers and politicians were hailing the end of the Cold War, that nuclear-armed ongoing confrontation that had kept the world poised on the brink of an apocalypse for four decades.Fast forward 27 years and we seem to be right back where we started, with provocations occurring on a daily basis between the U.S. and its allies and the Cold War foes Russia and China.

Some examples


Richard Carlson said...

Ask yourself who is actually doing the provoking.

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that the Soviet war in Afghanistan was what caused the break up of the USSR. Historically, Afghanistan has been called the breaker of Empires, for good reason. This does not bode well for the current configuration of the US.

Anonymous said...

In 1943 the Nazi leadership began to arrange for their rescue by the US. After the rescue, the GOP was free to resume its pro-Nazi policies and turned on our WWII allies using the Nazis to assist in the cold war supervised by the Dulleses, fully immersed in old Euro rivalries. JFK's decision to end the cold war brought about his demise and not surprisingly former Nazis from Operation Paperclip were implicated. Russia, our strongest ally historically is the litmus test for domestic politics. Russia is the target of the Grand Game. If Russia is an ally then we defend it from the Germans, if we attack then we are in pursuit of world conquest, which has never been closer, Obama's legacy.