June 21, 2016

Welcome to the collapse of journalism

As real journalist Colin Woodard put it, "Tronc -- the rebranded name of one of the country's major newspaper chains -- just put out this video happily describing how they'll destroy their ability to do real journalism."



Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ. The bright face of stunning mediocrity. Do they really believe it?

The good news is this corprate sausage factory makes it easier for skilled reporters to look good, working through whatever indie channels are able to survive.

Anonymous said...

That's a parody, right?

Anonymous said...

Read Hugh Kenner's The Counterfeiters, from about 40-45 years ago, on how real life started to look like parody in the mid 1950s.

I loved the part around 0:48 when she talks about "a... optimization program". Reminded me of Kramden and Norton: "This is a apple."