June 26, 2016

Transportation officials in 16 states want to tax cars by the mile driven

Portland Press Herald

[16 states] are proposing pilots to figure out how they might charge motorists a fee for the miles they travel – rather than taxing their gas, as state and federal officials do today. Polls show mileage-based taxes are 'unwaveringly unpopular,' but transportation officials say gas tax alone can't adequately fund highway upkeep. The I-95 Corridor Coalition, which represents transportation officials from 16 states and the District of Columbia, applied for a federal grant last month to test the idea.... The federal gas tax of 18.4 cents per gallon has not been raised since 1993, and many states have not indexed their own gas taxes to inflation, so those key funding sources have fallen far behind the nation’s needs.


AgustinG said...

Gotta love that good ol' double taxation.

greg gerritt said...

Cars have never paid for the roads they require or the damage to communities and ecosystems they cause. I support mileage taxes, raising the gas tax, whatever it will take to reduce the number of cars and the miles driven. Buidling roads to keep up with the cars is a sure way to destroy ecosystems. And when cars go all electric how are you going to pay for roads other than a mniuleage tax?