June 1, 2016

Clinton lags way behind Sanders against Trump in Michigan

With Libertarian Johnson in the race, Clinton leads Trump by 4 points in Michigan,  a statistical tie. The same would be true if Johnson were not in the race.  Meanwhile Sanders beats Trump by 19 points, hardly the result one would expect for a media defined oddball.

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Leslie Armstrong said...

Pity they call him an oddball. He's the only unbought, honest, sane one of the bunch. Wish Americans would turn off MSM and figure out that they should be voting for their best interests and not 'more of the same' corporatocracy. It's scary, actually, since T & H are war mongerers. We so need Peace. Seems many have forgotten that we started this whole Middle East thing and sell arms all over the world. We feed the military industrial complex obscene amounts of money, ship jobs overseas and berate our unemployed or poorly paid fellow citizens for being lazy and on the dole. That's not what this country was supposed to be. And it's hard to believe that Hillary will follow through with her 'new' progressivism..stances she took only after seeing the peoples' response to Bernie...'cause the big banks and corporations like her just fine. That alone should be a reason not to vote for her.