June 5, 2016

Blue Cross seeking big increase in Texas

Blue Cross asking for 60 percent rate hike for Obamacare plans in Texas in 2017 The largest health insurer in Texas wants to raise its rates on individual policies by an average of nearly 60 percent, a new sign that President Barack Obama's overhaul hasn't solved the problem of price spikes. Texas isn't alone. Citing financial losses under the health care law, many insurers around the country are requesting bigger premium increases for 2017. That's to account for lower-than-hoped enrollment, sicker-than-expected customers and problems with the government’s financial backstop for insurance markets.


Leslie Armstrong said...

All the more reason to get insurance companies out of the health care industry. With Universal healthcare, with increased taxes we would save money, having not to pay the high medical insurance costs. Remember, we're the only industrialized country without universal health care and our average cost per person is higher than any other country. The government does not decide what it will cover, or not, it is the insurance companies that makes those decisions.

Anonymous said...

Paying for health insurance is paying a health tax to a private for profit corporation.

greg gerritt said...

i used the state system to purchse healthcare after my wife retired. It hardly covers anything with huge co pays. I want single payer.